FlexGen® Solid State Generator

The FlexGen® SSG combines energy storage, high efficiency power electronics, and adaptive system and component level software controls to optimize power system performance, capital, and operating cost. In off grid power systems, the SSG stabilizes bus voltage and frequency, allowing conventional generator sets to operate with greater load variability or fuel variability. In grid edge power systems, the SSG provides dynamic voltage support for distant utility disturbances as well as harmonic current compensation to reduce load harmonics drawn from the grid.


Virtual Inertia

Provides power from energy storage when generator frequency changes due to load application or removal, or temporary fuel disturbances.

Voltage Support

Delivers reactive power from power conversion to combat voltage changes caused by motor starting or sags and surges on the grid.

Harmonic Compensation

Automatically and dynamically provides harmonic currents to electronic or motor drive loads, reducing voltage distortion.


Solid State Generator Model Selection

SSG 250

250 kVA

  • 200 kW
  • 1.9 kWh
  • 480V Nominal
  • Open Frame or Enclosed
SSG 500

500 kVA

  • 400 kW
  • 3.8 kWh
  • 480V Nominal
  • Open Frame or Enclosed
SSG 1100

1100 kVA

  • 900 kW
  • 3.3 kWh
  • 600V Nominal
  • Enclosed Only