lifecycle services

lifecycle services



You’ve spent months building your site and it’s finally operational!  Now what do you do to keep that asset up and productive?

FlexGen’s LifeCycle Services provide the tools, expertise and services you need to maintain your asset’s performance today and into the future.  Built on over 10 years of storage hardware and control experience, FlexGen provides our customers with the peace of mind they need to focus on making their storage assets productive.

here's how

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    We can track the site with our remote, 24/7 monitoring, notifying your team if anything requires further attention.

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    Let us give you peace of mind with our operations  team at the ready to support.

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    Let our maintenance  professionals keep your storage assets performing at their peak



Captures plant performance: You can’t manage what you can’t measure. LifeCycle Services provides asset owners with remote monitoring to view and chart site performance data.

Preventative Site Maintenance: Your asset will be around a long time. Preventative maintenance means less downtime and better control over when your site is down.

Fast issue resolution: FlexGen’s expertise in storage paired with our remote support and 24/7 Remote Operations Center means asset issues are often remotely identified and resolved more quickly.


Avoid regulatory issues: Knowing the role your storage assets have in the market and ensuring compliance will secure your relationship with your Independent System Operator.

Receive new incentive programs: Incentive programs will change. LifeCycle Services Agreements mean that updates to existing incentive programs will be provided automatically as part of your software updates.

Software Updates: HybridOS is constantly improving. Our automatic software updates mean that you will have access to future software usability and maintenance upgrades you need.


REMOTE MONITORING Remote view of site data

View remotely generated data

Chart existing data

Receive site events and alarms

Review historical data of site

Near real-time diagnostics of active or potential issues

REMOTE SUPPORT Remote diagnostics of site issues

Monthly report on site performance

Warranty management

Issues tracking

Remote software support

Configuration Changes for some features

SOFTWARE UPDATES Periodic update of HybridOS applications

New improvements for features already purchased

Updates for existing features that evolve like market services

PREVENTATIVE MAINTANANCE On-site & off-site actions to avoid future issues

State of Charge recalibration & cell/module rebalancing

On-site inspections to identify items nearing end of life

Tracking site usage / use data to identify items nearing end of life

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    Preventative maintenance keeps your asset running at optimal levels.  A FlexGen certified Tech will be on site to maintain the asset.



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    View day-ahead dispatch, plan charge & discharge schedule.  Charge during the low-cost hours & discharge during peaks.

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    Monitor asset performance. Comply with state & federal incentives. Regulate health of the battery to maintain maximum availability.

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