EV Charging


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Here's Why It's Awesome

Reduce Peak Load

Before demand charges hit their peak, use the BESS to reduce grid load. Through intelligent commands use your battery to augment your usage thereby avoiding costly peak demand charges.

Energy Predictability

Use your energy storage to balance the grid. Trade energy into the grid and receive compensation, adding an additional revenue stream to your asset.

Energy When You Need It

Added sense of security, knowing the battery can provide power to the fleet during an outage. Avoid expensive upgrades to electrical infrastructure by adding battery storage on site.

Plug & Play: Containerized Charging Solutions for EV Fleets

Intelligent Energy Management

HybridOS guarantees charging sessions occur at times that make the most economical sense, prioritizing lowest-cost energy, minding the constraints of your existing electrical equipment, while ensuring that your load will stay under maximum capacity.

Value Driven Performance

HybridOS automatically optimizes your charge and discharge ensuring it never exceeds physical limits. The benefits include maximizing your EV network and load profile with your existing utility service, saving you from costly utility service upgrades.

Load Management Optimization
Built-In Ancillary Capabilities

Remote Asset Monitoring

HybridOS orchestrates your network, automating
charging sessions to minimize your overall electricity costs, prolonging the lifespan of your investment. With HybridOS, you gain a resilient, reliable operating system, delivering guaranteed uptime.

Grid Service Integration

HybridOS enables you to engage in energy markets. Our operating system strategy is optimized autonomously to ensure reliability and maximize return, allowing you to manage your BESS in one location.

Software that
works with you

  • FlexGen BESS FlexPack and the HybridOS EMS provides you with the technology and flexibility to build your charging infrastructure by aggregating all your assets into one energy platform.
  • FlexGen’s HybridOS allows you to manage all your charging infrastructure in one location.
  • Build a VPP (Virtual Power Plant) by aggerating all your assets into one energy platform.
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About us

FlexGen designs and integrates storage solutions and the software platform that is enabling today’s energy transition. Leveraging its best-in-class energy management software and power electronics, FlexGen delivers utility-scale storage projects integrated with traditional and renewable power generation globally. Our clients and partners include the most technically and commercially demanding developers, utilities, government agencies and industrial companies in the world.