Major International Studies Agree-FlexGen is the Energy Storage Leader

October 10, 2016

HOUSTON, Texas - October 10, 2017 - Two leading, international industry reports have ranked FlexGenŽ as a leader in shaping the energy storage landscape and expect FlexGenŽ to play a major role in that market over the coming decades.

FlexGenŽ has operated energy storage systems worldwide in applications as diverse as the US Military, Oil & Gas, Marine, Industrial, and Grid-Edge applications. As the only company in the world backed by both General Electric and Caterpillar, their patented technology delivers reliable products that significantly reduce fuel consumption, maintenance, and emissions at a fraction of the cost seen industry wide.

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Statement of FlexGenŽ Vice President of Engineering, Pasi Taimela:
"We are proud that our FlexGenŽ team is leading the energy storage industry. The ability of our proven technology to reduce the cost of power while significantly increasing reliability at a fraction of the cost of our competitors, demonstrates the worldwide demand for our products. We firmly believe that our best-in-class products are transforming power by delivering clean, affordable electricity for all."

About FlexGenŽ:
Backed by Altira Group, General Electric, & Caterpillar, FlexGenŽ develops innovative power equipment products for oil & gas, marine, and mining & industrial operations. Our products integrate sophisticated software, advanced energy storage, and power conversion technologies to improve cost, reliability, quality, safety, and sustainability of electrical power systems.

Our team includes industry veterans from oil & gas, marine, and construction who lead customer engagements, product commissioning, and field support. Through our network of dealer partners, FlexGenŽ Power Systems delivers and services our products globally.