FlexGen talks to future business leaders at Duke

Two of our energy storage gurus recently spoke to students from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business about battery energy storage. The presentation, Creating a more intelligent and reliable grid, focused on today’s energy transition and how FlexGen helps customers prepare for that transition by:

  • Developing fit-for-purpose energy storage solutions
  • Engineering the systems to customer specifications
  • Procuring batteries and providing integration services
  • Delivering high-performing projects
  • Performing quality checks and commissioning for reliability
  • Integrating software solutions
  • Providing recurring after-market monitoring and maintenance services

During the hour-long presentation, Brandon Zschokke, manager of aftermarket services, and Clint Paige, commissioning manager, talked about about how battery systems work and how HybridOS,TM  the company’s software ecosystem, connects the battery hardware to the grid to keep the system secure and up and running.

One student asked about our #2 market lead, wanting to know why FlexGen holds such a strong position. Brandon answered her, paraphrased, “Our product is what makes us competitive. What we’re good at is software and service. Our equipment is faster, better and easier to use than a lot of products on the market. Also, if a customer has an issue, we get out there and fix it. We are focused, nimble and customer-focused.”

Brandon and Clint went on to talk more about FlexGen’s markets – standalone transmission and distribution, solar plus storage, and commercial and industrial. Within those markets, we serve developers, independent power producers (IPPs), co-operatives and municipalities. Key takeaways about the value FlexGen delivers include:

Optimized hardware and supply chains. Our flexibility helps us provide more affordable equipment to meet demanding customer performance requirements.

Integrated software that can perform with or without a FlexGen hardware solution. Here, we meet a full range of operational and commercial demands for active market participation, enhanced energy management using proprietary and patented technology.

Designed and delivered integrated hardware and software solutions. This enables EPC margin de-stacking and lowers customer investment costs.

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About us

FlexGen designs and integrates storage solutions and the software platform that is enabling today’s energy transition. Leveraging its best-in-class energy management software and power electronics, FlexGen delivers utility-scale storage projects integrated with traditional and renewable power generation globally. Our clients and partners include the most technically and commercially demanding developers, utilities, government agencies and industrial companies in the world.